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... Bitter Melon Bitter ... night pickling) Kabocha ... nappa, cucumber, young ... winter squash. It ... 1 sliced onion 1 ... off the turnip to ...

Chef Specialty Gardens
... Bunching Onion #356 ... Kabu Turnip #242 ... Giant Pickling Melon C005 Tsukemono Favorite ... Tasty Green Cucumber Hybrid ... Kuri Kabocha Squash #228 ...

Seed Kind: Pickling Melon
Pickling Melon As its name suggests, this family of melons is ideal for ... you would a cucumber. More typically, they ...

Bulk Seed
... Okra, Perkins Long Pod: $2.70/lb; Onion-Bunching, Evergreen Nebuka: $18.85/lb; Onion-Bunching, ... Swiss Chard, Tequila Sunrise: $15.55/lb; Turnip, Golden Ball: $1.65/lb; Turnip, ...

Seed variety: Numane
Numane This Japanese pickling melon, known also as oshiro uri, has light green ... like a fat cucumber. This variety thrives ...

Seed variety: Tetsukabuto, Hybrid
... This Japanese winter squash hybrid produces ... for grafting watermelon, melon and cucumber to prevent diseases. Tetsukabuto will resist the squash ...

Seed Kind: Cucumber
Cucumber Versatile and hardy, the cucumber carries a lot of weight in Asian cuisine. Most typically, cucumbers are pickled or ...

Seed variety: Zipangu Hybrid
... Zipangu is a Sooyow-type hybrid cucumber. Fruit is uniform and ... making it ideal for both pickling and fresh use. Fruit ...

Seed variety: Shark Fin Squash Gom bo TREATED
Shark Fin Squash Gom bo TREATED This squash or melon is known as Shark Fin squash, Malabar gourd, Seven Year ...

Seed Subkind: Green Skin Chinese white cucumber, pickling melon...

Seed Subkind: Jointed Gourd
...fuzzy gourd, fuzzy squash, hairy cucumber, hairy melon, jointed gourd...

Seed Subkind: White Skin Chinese white cucumber, pickling melon...

Seed Subkind: Shark Fin Squash
Shark Fin Squash

Seed Subkind: Japanese Bunching Onion
Japanese Bunching Onion

Seed variety: Purple Top White Globe
... is an outstanding all-purpose variety turnip. The round purple top ... root is excellent raw, for pickling or cooking. In Japan, ...

Seed Kind: Bunching Onion
Bunching Onion It's not easy to find in the West the variety of bunching onions called for in much of ...

Seed Kind: Gourd
... while used in a variety of Chinese dishes, the Winter Melon is the key ingredient for the famous winter melon ...

Seed Kind: Melon
Melon There is more to the melon family than cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon! Sweet-tasting and fragrant, Asian melons are treat ...

Seed Kind: Turnip
Turnip Turnips are prepared in Asia in much the same ... produce greens particularly suited for pickling, such as Nozawana below, ...

Seed Subkind: Bitter Gourd
...Also known as: African cucumber, alligator pear, ampalaya, balsam pear, bitter cucumber, bitter gourd, bitter melon, hyotan...

Seed variety: Armenian
... Sometimes referred to as snake melon, serpent and yard long cucumber. This variety is light-green, heavily ribbed, and spineless. Fruits ...

Seed variety: Joseon Shorty
Joseon Shorty Heirloom Korean cucumber variety. Pale green-white body with dark green shoulders, fruits are between 6-8" long. Refreshingly crunchy ...

Seed variety: Mokwa Long
... is a variety of hairy melon, also known also as ... gourd, fuzzy gourd or hairy cucumber. In flavor, this vegetable ...

Seed variety: Sugukina
Sugukina Sugukina turnip is a traditional vegetable, dento-yasai, in Kyoto ... its main use is for pickling. Suguki pickes (Sugukizuke) have ...

Seed Subkind: Armenian Cucumber
Armenian Cucumber

Seed Subkind: Charantais Melon
Charantais Melon

Seed Subkind: Japanese Melon
Japanese Melon

Seed Subkind: Korean Melon
Korean Melon

Seed Subkind: Pickling Cucumber
Pickling Cucumber

Seed Subkind: Winter Squash
Winter Squash

Seed variety: Armenian Striped
... flavor and attractive fruits, this cucumber is also known as snake melon. It is a heavy producer of light and ...

Seed variety: Calypso, Hybrid
... A widely adapted, high yielding, pickling cucumber that is suitable for hand or machine harvesting. Blocky, dark green fruits are ...

Seed variety: Edible Flower Mix
... Mixture includes: Borage, with a cucumber-like flavor; Cilantro, with its ... with a clove like flavor; onion-flavored Chives; Lemon Mint, which ...

Seed variety: Green Bitter Gourd Hybrid
... diameter. Also known as Bitter Melon, Karella, and Balsam Pear, ... and juicy, somewhat like a cucumber in texture. 8-10 seeds ...

Seed variety: Green Striped
... very thick and has been used for kazu-zuke or nara-zuke—a pickling recipe over a thousand years old. 28-35 seeds in ...

Seed variety: Housaku Hybrid
... a very productive Japanese hybrid cucumber producing more than 90% ... making it ideal for both pickling and fresh use. Best ...

Seed variety: Katsura Giant
... Giant This light green, oval-shaped melon, oshiro uri, is very ... and is best suited for pickling. The fruits have crisp ...

Seed variety: Nozawana
Nozawana This traditionally selected Japanese turnip is grown specifically for ... and is often used for pickling. 500-550 seeds in packet, ...

Seed variety: Tinda
Tinda The unique Tinda squash melon gourd is indigenous to India. The round, light green fruit weigh only 3 to ...

Seed Kind: Onion
Onion One of the oldest cultivated vegetables, the onion comes in an amazing array of shapes, colors and degrees of ...

Seed variety: Early Bulam, Hybrid
Early Bulam, Hybrid This is a Korean summer squash hybrid nicknamed avocado squash because of its appearance. If you are ...

Seed variety: India, Hybrid
India, Hybrid Bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon, karella and balsam pear. The dark green skin of this ...

Seed variety: New Melon
New Melon An open pollinated round melon that is a Japanese specialty. Developed in the 1950s for its fragrance and ...

Seed Kind: Mustard
... the Far East, the most common use for mustards is pickling. They are also common in soups and stir-fries in ...

Seed Kind: Squash
Squash Quite different in appearance from the Western orange pumpkins used most notably for Jack-O-Lanterns in the United States, Japanese ...

Seed Subkind: Stem Mustard
...big stem mustard, China mustard, Chinese mustard, horned mustard, Peiling Pickling mustard, pressed stem, Sichuan, stem mustard, swollen stem mustard,...

Seed Subkind: Wax Gourd
...Also known as: Chinese wax gourd, large fuzzy melon, tallow gourd, wax gourd, white gourd, winter gourd, winter melon...

Seed variety: Asia Eun Cheon Hybrid
Asia Eun Cheon Hybrid This Korean hybrid cucumber is early maturing and has good yields. Cucumbers have a green shoulder ...

Seed variety: Dae Jang Geum Hybrid
Dae Jang Geum Hybrid This is a traditional Korean melon variety that is crisp and remarkably sweet with a 17 ...

Seed variety: Evergreen White Nebuka
Evergreen White Nebuka This popular Japanese bunching onion produces 12-16" tall stalks. The white shank of the stalk measures 2-3". ...


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