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Chef Specialty Gardens

The Chef Specialty Gardens offer selected combinations of our most popular Asian vegetables and herbs. Each seed packet has general growing instructions. Cultivate a kitchen garden of interest that will enhance your gardening and dining experience. Share the joy of gardening and send Chef Specialty Gardens as gifts to friends and family. A Chef Specialty Garden is $25.00.

(Variety substitutes will be made if the specific variety is sold out.)



C001 Asian Herb Garden

The Asian Herb Garden is our collection of essential herbs for Asian cuisine. Each herb has intense flavor and scent. Enjoy creating your own Asian fusion dishes by growing and experimenting with these specialty herbs.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#035 Ao Shiso Green Perilla
#078 Evergreen Japanese Bunching Onion
#356 Leisure Cilantro-Corriander
#037 Hiro Haba Chinese Leek
#067 Light Green Chinese Celery
#032 Mitsuba Japanese Parsley
#521 Sweet Large Leaf Thai Basil



C002 Asian Salad Garden

The Asian Salad Garden has a unique selection of Asian greens that will definitely add interest to your salads. Toss young baby greens into salads and add the mature leaves into stir-fries or cooked dishes.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#245 Beka Santoh Chinese Cabbage
#410 Yukina Savoy Chinese Cabbage
#054 Mizuna Pot Herb Mustard
#051 Red Giant Mustard
#033 Shungiku Chrysanthemum Green
#062 Tatsoi
#102 White Stem Daikon Sprouts



C003 Tropical Garden

The Tropical Garden offers many unusual and delicious vegetables from tropical regions; the beautiful deep red-purple yard long bean from China, Hawaiian Manoa lettuce, Poha Berry is delicious dipped in chocolate and the Winged bean found throughout Asia.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#142 Green Stem Malabar Spinach
#208 Manoa Lettuce
#077 Molokhia
#239 Poha Berry
#263 Red Noodle Yard Long Bean
#218 Winged Bean
#186 Yu Choy Sum



C004 Japanese Heirloom Garden

We are extremely delighted to offer the Japanese Heirloom Garden. It is our special collection of dento yasai or "traditional vegetables" of Japan's Kansai region. They have been historically used in a vegetarian cooking style of shojin ryori that is practiced by Buddhist priests.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#235 Mibuna
#078 Evergreen Nebuka Japanese Bunching Onion
#224 Hinona Kabu Turnip
#242 Kamo Eggplant
#203 Kyoto Red Carrot
#246 Shishigatani Kabocha Japanese Pumpkin
#048 Katsura Giant Pickling Melon



C005 Tsukemono Favorite Pickling Garden

The tradition of pickling is one way vegetables have been preserved in Asia. Many of our customers want to make bachan's (grandmother's) tsukemono recipes or the tsukemono served at restaurants or sold in markets. We have selected the most popular vegetables used for pickling kim chee, takuan, nukamiso, shoyu zuke, ichiyazuki and other recipes. A dinner is not complete unless something spicy, salty, sweet or sour is served!

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#048 Katsura Giant Pickling Melon
#027 Kurume Long Japanese Eggplant
#108 Tokyo Market Japanese Turnip
#019 Tasty Green Cucumber Hybrid
#090 Tokinashi All Season Daikon
#051 Red Giant Mustard
#008 Aichi Chinese Cabbage



C006 Macrobiotic Garden

The Macrobiotic Garden offers principal and supplemental vegetables that support a macrobiotic dietary approach. Experience gardening by growing your organic food source.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#499 Adzuki Red Bean Wase
#049 Gai Choi Chinese Mustard
#151 Kurogoma Black Sesame Seed
#528 Tohya Soybean
#108 Tokyo Market Japanese Turnip
#070 Takinogawa Gobo Burdock
#090 Tokinashi All Season Daikon



C007 Shabu Shabu Garden

The Shabu Shabu Garden is our selection of basic vegetables for nabemono (one pot or hot pot) cooking whether it is shabu shabu, sukiyaki or torinabe. Grow your own vegetables for the freshest vegetable ingredients.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#040 Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea
#071 Ishikura Japanese Bunching Onion
#060 Maruba Santoh Chinese Cabbage
#203 Kyoto Red Carrot
#090 Tokinashi Daikon
#038 Orai All Season Spinach Hybrid
#033 Shungiku Chrysanthemum Green



C008 Stir-Fry Garden

Our most popular vegetable varieties used for stir-frying are found in one specialty garden. Stir-fry a vegetable or try combinations of these vegetables to find the perfect balance of flavor.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#040 Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea
#049 Gai Choi Chinese Mustard
#294 Wan Shen Chinese Broccoli
#071 Ishikura Improved Japanese Green Onion
#056 Chinese Pak Choi
#055 Komatsuna
#059 Shanghai Green Pak Choi



C009 Thai Garden

Your Thai Garden will be filled with authentic vegetables of Thailand because all of these seeds are from Thailand. All you need are your spices, fish sauce, and coconut milk and curry paste.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#428 Bird Pepper
#352 Thai Chili
#279 Lucky Dance Cucumber Hybrid
#043 Blue Kuri Kabocha Squash
#228 Siam Queen Thai Basil
#236 Sweet Thai Basil
#470 Petch Siam Thai Eggplant



C010 Baby Leaf Garden

The baby leaf greens in this colorful mix are very tender and sweet when they are harvested only 2"-6" tall. When the first true leaves are well formed, some varieties can be cut above the seed leaves. This offers the opportunity for further re-growth and subsequent harvests. Other varieties are harvested roots and all. Baby leaf vegetables are excellent additions to salad mixes, braising mixes, soups, sushi and sashimi.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#245 Beka Santoh Chinese Cabbage
#338 Garnet Giant Mustard
#055 Komatsuna
#335 Ruby Streak Mustard
#354 Wasabina
#062 Tatsoi Pak Choi
#485 Astro Arugula



C011 Juicing Garden

These varieties are chosen for their delicious flavors and varied nutrients. Vegetables that have been harvested from your own garden and then quickly processed in your juicer or blender make a drink that is fresh and alive in ways that store or bought food can't be - and much more delicious! Juicing and making vegetable smooties can complement your diet. Extracting juice or grinding vegetables finely makes the nutrients more immediately available to your body.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#308 Atomic Red Carrot
#213 Vitamina Chinese Cabbage
#181 Watercress
#019 Tasty Green Cucumber Hybrid
#055 Komatsuna
#062 Tatsoi Pak Choi
#359 Ruby Red Swiss Chard



C012 Microgreen Garden

Microgreens are grown in a raised bed or shallow container with a well-drained soil mixture. They are harvested when the first true leaves just begin to develop and are clipped close to the soil level when about 1" to 2" tall. Delicate microgreens are used as accents on appetizers, sandwiches, salads, main courses, and even desserts. This mix has been created with a variety of leaf shapes, flavors, and colors.

 Price:  $25.00

This Garden includes one packet each of the following:
#349 Tokyo Bekana Chinese Cabbage
#355 Chinese Celery
#054 Mizuna Mustard
#051 Red Giant Mustard
#350 Tatsoi Savoy Pak Choi
#362 All Purple Radish
#283 Red Stem Radish



Please take another look at our full line of seeds to complement these specialty gardens. See the Vegetable Seed Index for the complete listing of Asian seeds.



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